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Social History

Bowland Beer Hall, Holmes Mill, Clitheroe

My first visit here a couple of weeks ago blew me away that such a place could still exist as part of modern social culture. Even more impressed that someone had the vision to retain all this and not rip it all out to maximise floor space and profit.

However, I was disappointed with the images I took that day – namely down to depth of field, low light levels and hand held shots. So this morning myself, Eddie Coulson and Mrs R a.k.a. tripod_carrier ventured to Holmes Mill for my second shoot, Eddie’s first and Mrs R’s second assault on the shops.

For me I went principally to retake these chairs… funny what some people will do for a photo!

Must say big thanks to Charlie Williams and Ruth of Holmes Mill for clearing this shoot with the staff. Everyone there so helpful in allowing us to shoot anywhere and everywhere in the Engine Room while setting up for a wedding at the same time. A Great two hours spent there and still didn’t capture everything.

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