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Rosie Revere, Engineer …

Rosie Revere, Engineer ...

My biggest little girl had another eye surgery last week. She was frightened and it was unpleasant but she moved through everything with the quiet courage, strength, and grace that I could only hope for.

At bedtime this evening, we read one of our favourite books, Rosie Revere, Engineer. It is a brilliant book with some powerful lessons and words. My favourite, “Life might have its failures, but this was not it. The only true failure can come if you quit.”

Tonight she looked at me and told me how great that line was. I’m glad she recognized the value of those words, because I have to tell you, this little one is no quitter. I hope she takes it to heart and continues to face every fear and challenge with the bravery she has shown this past week.

At the dear age of 6 she makes my heart swell with pride, fills me with awe, and it always amazes me that she is mine.

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