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No Trespassing

No Trespassing

”Ladies and gentlemen, I will be blunt, because we haven’t much time left. As you are likely aware, the Central American Secession Area bombed one of our top military bases two days ago with what we’ve confirmed to be some form of growth accelerating wave emitter and a cocktail of genetically modified plants engineered to be highly destructive. Our attempts to cut back and contain the growing plants have failed, and burning was reserved as a last resort but ultimately failed as the GMOs secrete flame-retardant mucus. In these two days, they have completely engulfed several cities. Within the last seven hours, they crossed our borders into Canada. Obviously, CASA and their affiliate defense provider Aether Phylltech Incorporated do not intend to stop with punishing East-USA, they have decided it is time to expand their territory. It is reasonable to believe they will not see any reason not to attempt the EU in the future… Besides surrender, our only option is to destroy the growth area. Our intel in CASA, which we’re very lucky to to have, has sent us a file pertaining to the “Green Tide” bomb and its progeny. It is very technical; in short it outlines the mechanism and how to disarm it. It is a two-step process: the bomb itself, which emits an energized signal that sends hyperexpanded matter to plants containing a certain artificial gene, must be remotely deactivated from CASA. Secondly, all the plants in Green Tide’s arsenal are engineered with a special genetic subprotocol that kills the organism when a certain “key protein” is introduced in a specified amount to the organism’s system. CASA no doubt will turn off their bomb and kill the green wave when they are ready to occupy our land, but it will be too late for us at that point. I have called you together to evaluate and brainstorm a means of infiltrating CASA, deactivating the wave bomb, and retrieving the coded protein and information about the proper amount to administer it in. I need not tell you that this will be difficult. Our spies have managed to hack a few images through CASA’s firewalls, but we really have no idea what CASA has done recently, as they began to block orbital cameras a few years back. However, intel has sent us a number of files pertaining to their border defenses, which are invaluable. All drones sent to investigate have lost transmission before their cameras could get a glimpse, and neither they nor the brave souls who tried to see it in person have ever returned.

There is a wall that encloses the entirety of CASA. Each fencepost stands fifteen feet tall and fifteen feet away from the next one. The actual wall consists of three horizontal rods, reaching a height of nine feet. A total of six metallic pods sit on the rods of each wall segment, and from these grow a type of climbing ivy that has been engineered to convert excess sunlight into electrical energy, effectively electrifying the fence. Like most API patented GMO organisms, they secrete flame-retardant mucus, so we cannot simply burn down the wall.

Atop every post is a motion sensor and light, except every fifth post…those are topped instead by a long-range electromagnetic pulse railgun outfitted with a camera and chemical laser cannon. The EMP has a range of 750 yards, while the laser cannon remains powerful for long enough to shoot down a high-altitude airplane. The specifications here note that the electro-ivy will discharge to power these defenses when the wall is not under attack, but they are also powered by an auxiliary generator within a complex several miles from the wall.

I know what some of you are thinking: Tunnel under! Sadly, we cannot. If you’ll direct your attention to the conference screen, you will see CASA’s primary border defense. The wall is secondary, though without the guns we could easily fly over.
This…monster…is noted here as one of the more complex experiments API has released for CASA’s use. I will quote: ‘Subject 491: Dionaea Muscipula extensively modified to enhance size, maneuverability, speed, and environmental durability for purposes of national security. Modifications include, in the following order:

Hormonal Controls: Modified to reject humans (fingers used to trigger trap mechanism) wearing patent #236 security pheromones except when otherwise prompted.

Size: Accelerated and assisted crossbreeding of largest organisms per crop to create a 50x specimen after 672 generations in 1.28 years.

Speed: Accelerated the organism’s metabolism using Procedure 43.

Mobility and Structure: Modified genome content to replace cellulose in individual cell walls with cartilage and/or keratin. Flame-retardant mucus #4 was designed to be secreted. Extra space in stem, basal, and root structures due to size increases was redesigned to incorporate tension joints patterned after muscle structures in the trunk of an elephant. A more complicated nervous system with ganglia spread throughout the organism was implemented. Bipedal structures from class Aves and a caudal appendage for balance were carefully replicated using the organism’s tissues and grafted to it. Reverse gene-sequencing procedures were followed to replicate the organism naturally.

Reproductive Inhibitors: Organism was modified to allow reproduction only through budding to create exact clones, three times, when fully mature. The buds will detach and take root; the adult will feed them until the first one to uproot itself kills the others for food right before the adult dies.

Instinct, Behavior, and Final Controls: The organism’s ganglia were imprinted with subprotocols enabling dexterity in locomotion and battle and instinctual confining parameters of patrol except when triggered by any of the range of applicable control pheromones, hormones, and code proteins listed in the API GMO control directory. A more specific command to place a portion of any prey it captures by the pylons of the border fence so they could collect the biodegrading matter to fertilize the defense ivy was also included.’

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to say that is is moments like these that make me regret running for the presidency.

Another build for BL3. I think I’m starting to get into a running theme that isn’t too realistic for my taste, but still refreshingly natural. "Natural".

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