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Margit híd

Margit híd

Margit híd or Margaret Bridge (sometimes Margit Bridge) is a bridge in Budapest, Hungary, connecting Buda and Pest across the Danube. It is the second northernmost and second oldest public bridge in Budapest. The second permanent bridge of Budapest, a distinguished example of French Neo-Baroque bridge-building in Hungary. Its construction was started twenty years after the inauguration of the Chain Bridge. It connects Szent István Boulevard and Margit Boulevard, also touching the Margaret Island.

The design competition of the bridge was launched in May 1871. There were 43 applicants altogether, the most noted English, French, German and Austrian engineers of the epoch among them. In the end, the plans of French architect Ernest Gouin came out ahead. His own bridge-building enterprise was charged with the construction. Thanks to its elegant, unobtrusive appearance, the Parisienne-stlye arch bridge designed by Gouin forms an integral part of the surrounding landscape of Budapest.

The bridge structure rests on seven pillars altogether: one central pillar, two riverside pillars and four riverbed pillars. Their ornated statues were carved by French sculptor Thabard in 1874. A plaque is embedded at the southern side of the central pillar, commemorating the date of the construction, as well as the name of the designer.

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Rollei Infrared 400 – XTOL – (processed @ )
SEKONIC L-778 DUAL SPOT F METER (Shot at 100ASA, spot-metered through the filter)
Heliopan 67mm INFRARED RG-715 FILTER
(exposure unrecorded, stabilized with a tripod)

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