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Image from page 925 of “The Architect & engineer of California and the Pacific Coast” (1905)

Image from page 925 of

Identifier: architectenginee5017sanf
Title: The Architect & engineer of California and the Pacific Coast
Year: 1905 (1900s)
Subjects: Architecture Architecture Architecture Building
Publisher: San Francisco, Calif. : Architect and Engineer Co
Contributing Library: San Francisco Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: San Francisco Public Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:
e cantonment men would have tobe let alone. .Accordingly the next morning thenien were brought to the Munscy build-ing with their records. We immediatelysaw the need for the finest men we couldget, so we reached into the big engineer-ing organizations all over the countryby wire and telephone. We asked them to send big men. Wl-got big men. I could name you a listof twenty-five men we got who wen-worth $15,000 to $25,000 a year. We said to those concerns: You willhave tn give these people up. We facean emergency. They patriotically gavethem up. Then and there over about two daysand nights solid conference work with allthese people we built a great organiza-tion under Col. Little of the war depart-ment. Inside of four days we had the organi-zation in skeleton. F.verything wasworked out with the obiect of speed andeconomv^ That machine constitutes.-bout 250 people occupving a wholeiMiilding and workinif anywhere fromtwelve to eighteen hour- a day. Welooked around to sec what tlic covcrn-

Text Appearing After Image:
MUNICIPAL FIRE HOUSE. San FranciscoWard & Blohme. Architects An alarm of fire — ill a fire house means quick actionon the part of every man stationedthere. Smooth-running doors helpto make speed. That is why PITCHER SLIDING DOORS are used in the fire house illus-trated above. These hangers areused in many other fire housesthroughout tlie city. NATIONAL MILL ANDLUMBER COMPANY 326 Market Street, San Francisco Mill and Yards. Alameda THE ARCHITECT AND ENGINEER 123 KEWANEE GARBAGE BURNERS AND BOILERS YEOMANS BILGE PUMPS EJECTORSHOUSE PUMPS LOUDEN SANITARYBARN EQUIPMENT CALIFORNIA HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING & SUPPLY CO., 80 Fremont Sl, S. F. Phone AMISSION 4405 PU WT .iT if ^ Formerly• rV. VV Xl.J.l^ Ward & Goodwin GENERAL CONTRACTOR981 GUERRERO STREET SAN FRANCISCO ONE PIECE SANITARY DRAINBOARDS, SINKBACKS,FLOORS, WAINSCOTING, ETC. GERMANWOOD FLOOR CO. Phone West 4009 1621 EDDY STREET, SAN FRANCISCO HOWARD CO. CEMENT, ROCK, PLASTER, GRAVEL, BRICK and SAND Phone Lakeside 27

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