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Excellent Artist Musician KANEO information

One can have the argument that today’s talent is on the rise, and with that gesture, Jerry Jerome Powell Jr. aka KANEO stands to be at the top of the class. Born on March 1,1988 in Jackson, Mississippi, Jerry Jerome Powell Sr. and Diane Bennett gave the world a phenomenon as parents. He was raised by his mother in Jackson Cedar Hill neighborhood in North Jackson. With the absence of his dad growing up, KANEO learned the hard way of becoming the man and artist he is now. Unfortunately, Jerry Jerome Powell Sr. later died from Cirrhosis of the liver and kidney failure.

KANEO began his skillful display of rhyming abilities and writing music at the age of 11 which was inspired first by Christopher Barnes. By listening to UGK, Biggie, Jay-Z, Jadakiss, NAS and DMX, Christopher created not only the vision KANEO needed to make it big one day, but also the blueprint to get himself and his family out the hood. Childhood was very rough and challenging for KANEO dealing with being abused by his mom’s boyfriend and neglected. Determined to become great one day, KANEO learned how to convert his anger into positive fuel, necessary steps all moguls must take, but at the age 17 while staying with his grandmother’s and working at Mcdonald’s which wasn’t enough, he began to sell drugs.

Kaneo encountered street love and eventually witnessed hard times by getting locked up and going through some of life’s harsh realities. Signing a 2 year contract with Christopher’s label BOTP Entertainment, KANEO yearned for the business knowledge needed to guide him a successful career that he felt the label failed to deliver, so hands on experience fulfilled the voids. Recently finishing his EP and releasing a new single that’s presently streaming now on all digital platforms seems to occupy a lot of this superstar’s time and now as a single dad of a beautiful daughter, failure isn’t an option.

KANEO taught himself how to write music and received positive feedback from major industry icons such as Jazzy Fae, DJ Taz, and DJ Bobby Black just to name a few. Now residing in Decatur, GA, expected tours, radio play, philanthropy and shows are sure to keep KANEO busy for the rest of 2018, so if you want to witness greatness in the making, check out KANEO and his many moves!

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