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With old screw mount rangefinder Leicas the mirrors in the ranging assembly may go dark with time, reducing the contrast and rendering the range

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66623, Watford Village

I had planned to go for this somewhere else where the sun was on the nose, but a 90 on the vans took priority, so a back-lit record shot has to

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75/365 – Quilted Barn

One of the 'quilted barns' on the Upper Cumberland Quilt Trail, this is located on Dry Valley Road in Algood, TN. Three bracketed photos were t

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NGC 3628

Image Release April 8, 2010 Hubble has snapped a spectacular view of M 66, the largest "player" of the Leo Triplet, and a galaxy with

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The Bridge To Nowhere

Well, the title is slightly misleading, as this bridge actually does go somewhere...from the Southland dog run (our favorite, the one we take th

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