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Ameena [Stranger# 91/100]

Ameena [Stranger# 91/100]

This picture is #91 in the 100 Strangers Project – Round 2

Meet Ameena.

Sometimes, despite all the effort you’ve put and all the strangers you have photographed, you just cant seem to get it right. You find a superb subject – you know what you need to do – but despite that with each click you feel you aren’t just capturing the person in front of you. My encounter with Ameena felt like one such day. Of course she was a wonderful person – very friendly and very sporting besides looking great. I saw her having a quiet meal at McDonalds by Walmart and one look at the eyes and I knew I had to ask. My son usually plays his part whenever I have doubts and it was no different in this case. Ameena agreed to my request as she finished her lunch – but said she had to report to work soon so we had a short time. We stepped out and did a few pictures using the open shade after getting to know a little more about her.

Ameena is from Bangladesh and works part-time at Walmart – while pursuing her education in engineering at a local college. Her favorite quality about herself – her friendly nature and openness to know more about people. She doesn’t like to dwell on her past she said when I asked her about her favorite memory and prefers to look forward. So what does she see her future as? She replied with a strong confident look .. I see myself as a successful independent woman .. I want to prove myself and make my parents proud. The determination in her eyes was very visible especially coming from a background possibly where woman are expected to marry and raise families. I can only hope she meets her goals.

I am not sure if it was the light or my inability to put her at ease but my pictures didn’t seem to do her justice – I contemplated if I should add Ameena to the project since her personality was far more vibrant than I captured. But on rethinking her personality was more than just her picture – and for me … I still continued my learning journey even with the clicks that didnt work.

Thanks a lot Ameena for your time and trust – I enjoyed talking to you . Wish you all the very best for future in achieving your dreams

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