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Yesterday morning (1 October 2013) my latest acquisition arrived at the office… a lovely Olympus 60mm f/1.5 Pen F ‘portrait’ lens. So you’re still waiting impatiently for the forthcoming Fujinon 56mm f/1.2?!? Pah! Stop waiting and get one of these babies LOL

It might not be quite a fast, and of course it’s manual focus, but with live-view cameras focusing classic manual lenses like this is a pretty easy and pain-free task. Plus you get the satisfaction of giving a beautiful piece of 1960’s engineering a whole brand-new lease of life!

The Olympus Pen F 60mm lens is heavier than I was expecting… certainly it subjectively feels much heavier than any of my other Pen F lenses, but it still makes a very compact alternative to a traditional 85mm f1.4 lens on a full frame 35mm camera.

Since I was due in Glasgow later that day, and I had my X-E1 and a Pen F to X mount adapter with me, I had an oportunity to give my brand-new lens an immediate work-out! Somehow the pictures I suit with these classic lenses often seem to suit black and white conversion… this time with just a hint of a warm tone.

I didn’t keep notes of the apertures I was using, but I think this one was stopped down just a couple of stops to around f/2.8.

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